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Storage and packaging

Transakker Transport and Logistics offers full logistic services for companies.

In our large warehouse we have all necessary facilities to store every possible sort of goods in a safe manner. Our service therefore has served many different branches.

Our warehouse is equipped with a safety system and temperature control. That means you can safely store your goods at our warehouse. Next to that we can load and unload trucks and seacontainers from multiple docks. That helps us in saving as much time, thus money, as possible in repacking and storing the goods. Next to the warehouse, we can store goods on our giant outdoor facility.

Our service:

  • Cross-docking;
  • loading and unloading of seacontainers;
  • good control;
  • packing, repacking and assembling;
  • stickering;
  • stock control;
  • 24 hour service.

We have a permanent staff of experienced and motivated employees. Our service, storage facilities and staff together make that Transakker is a reliable partner for you to store your goods. To give you an idea of the possibilities:

* Warehouse: 5.000 square metres;
* outdoor facility: 2.500 square metres.

We offer you excellent service at competitive rates.

If we've attracted your interest in our service, don't hesitate to contact us. No strings attached.